Oh god, the forums! O.o

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Oh god, the forums! O.o

Post  Duke Smugleaf on Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:45 am

Yes, as my second post here, I'm going to make a complaint. There's too many sub-forums, in my opinion. You should combine them to make it more user friendly.
First, the "Rules," "Bugs," "Suggestions," and "Ban Recovery" can all be put under one "Moderation" title.
Second, combine all the various comic forums into one "Comic/Manga" title, or even just a "Literature" title to accommodate it all.
Third, the video games can all be one forum, as well.
And lastly, "Humor," "Spam," and "Other" are pretty much the same thing, too, and can be safely combined.
That would bring you down to a much more reasonable ten sub-forums. It's still a lot, but at least it's not overwhelming. For a site with only 17 members, you don't need that many forums.

Just a friendly suggestion.
Duke Smugleaf

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Re: Oh god, the forums! O.o

Post  Serbian on Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:06 am

This... is actually pretty amazing. I'm going to approve the update, but... only deleting the sub forums.

It's a nice idea to actually stack them all up and have less forums, but then again I'm thinking of something else and I'm working on it.

Still approved + rep

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